PLANETii offers math teachers a simple and intuitive suite of teaching tools. It allows teachers to utilize PLANETii's growing question bank and visual aids to better achieve their teaching objectives in scarce class time.

Library of Quality Math Questions

35,000 math problems covering 91 topics all aligned with NCTM standards. Downloadable study guides for 91 topics complemented by animated visual aids and descriptive solutions. All aimed to help your students build solid foundations in the five learning dimensions of math: Numbers, Measures, Shapes and Space, Date Handling and Algebra.


Progress Check and Reporting

Save time with our automated grading and reporting functions. Instant Progress Check summarizes all student login times, grades, and right and wrong answers for teachers.

Downloadable reports are available to help teachers analyze class performance and report overall progress.


Create Tests and Assign Homework

Assess your classes with customized tests using questions across a variety of topics, grades and difficulty levels.

Assign after-class math practice topic by topic. The difficulty level of our questions progressively increases according to the student's individual performance.

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