ii-Learning Center

Individualized Learning

Each child enrolled in ii-Learning Center will be assigned a private math coach who will focus on his or her development. With the use of our computer-based adaptive math practice, their progress is measured by our custom assessment tools and exercises are tailored to reflect each student's strengths and weaknesses.


Learn Effectively and Efficiently

Our instructors are trained to be attentive to each child's learning needs. Every instructor utilizes our adaptive practice and assessment engine to design a personalized lesson plan for each student. Our automated homework assignment and grading system maximize the instructor's valuable time in teaching students new math skills.


Quality and Affordable One on One Tutoring

The combination of our patented e-learning technology and certified math instructors make ii-Learning Center a more effective and affordable option than most one-on-one private tutors. Parents receive weekly progress reports that breakdown student progress on a variety of math subjects.

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