35,000 math problems covering 91 math topics all aligned with NCTM standards. Our K-6 math curriculum is designed for after school and home schooling learners who aim to achieve math proficiency.

Array of Quality Math Content

35,000 math problems covering 91 topics all aligned with NCTM standards.

Downloadable study guides for each topic complemented by descriptive solutions and animated visual aids. All aimed to help your child build solid foundations in Numbers, Measures, Shapes and Space, Data Handling and Algebra.


Online Exercise that Adapts to Your Child

Learning math is now more personalized then ever because we can track your child's strengths and weaknesses in different topics and choose the right practice materials for him or her.

We accelerate your childs learning pace in stronger areas, and also encourage them to do more work in weaker topics. This personalized progression helps your child to advance independently and put study time into good use.


Motivated Self Learning

We balance the fun element with exercises to make math practice an enjoyable experience. Starting from our special characters and user-friendly interface, we reward students with badges, certificates and web leader boards.

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