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ii-Mathodology is based on the belief that each child is unique - unique in learning pace and learning capabilities. On PLANETii, each child's learning progression and learning path is completely unique. This means that there is no pre-determined curriculum path for the child. There is no fixed number of questions required to be completed for any topic. The curriculum is solely driven by the child's own progression and performance consistency.

Child A who is consistent at answering questions correctly within a learning category will progress faster through it than Child B whose performance is not as consistent. For instance, Jackie answers addition questions correctly many times in a row whereas Bob gets a question right and then wrong alternatively. Jackie will be able to progress through addition much quicker than Bob and will quickly be advanced to multiplication questions. This means that Jackie may be given only 15 addition questions in total to reach PLANETii's recommended proficiency target while Bob needs to get through 50 questions to reach the same proficiency level.

This is made possible by PLANETii's "ii-Intelligence" - our patent-pending artificial intelligence technology involving an adaptive learning engine that is built upon on an extensive, multi-dimensional curriculum map. Each child is presented with a non-deterministic progression of questions that does not follow any fixed sequence.

foundation driven

Foundation matters in mathematics. Learning one mathematics topic is never isolated from learning other topics. The concepts and skills learned in one topic constitute the basis for more advanced or related topics later on.

PLANETii believes in giving each child questions at his or her knowledge level to ensure he or she is appropriately challenged and not discouraged. This is enabled by PLANETii's ability to continually assess the child's knowledge level in any mathematics topic or learning category.

Our integrated adaptive learning engine and networked curriculum underwent an intensive research and development process in order to produce a closely intertwined and correlated mathematics syllabus. As a result, we have the ability to automatically guide the child throughout the entire curriculum based on the child's present knowledge.

On PLANETii, each child does not solely have a unique progression of questions within a topic, he or she is also given a unique set of topics based only on his or her present foundational knowledge. For example, Jackie has acquired understanding in "Numbers to 100" and "Basic Addition and Subtraction within 18". Based on his foundation, PLANETii recognizes that he is ready to learn more advanced concepts, and thus will offer him more challenging topics such as "addition with carrying" and "subtraction with regrouping".

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