Partnership Opportunities

Through our Open Content Platform, PLANETii provides multiple distribution models for the delivery of educational content across the globe via our partner sites and retail distribution network.

This platform lets our partners enhance their customer experiences by combining PLANETii content on their service model, and gives consumers greater access to the quality content and innovative education they want, where they want it. Our Open Content Platform includes the following types of partnerships:


Content Partnership

Partner with PLANETii. Tailored to your country & target market.
PLANETii invites educators, entrepreneurs and organizations from around the world to localize our products and make them available for your own country and language. A partnership with PLANETii is an excellent opportunity for those who share our passion in children's education and online learning. By fusing a creative training methodology with high quality content and design, Our products can benefit the children of your country by helping them build a love for and confidence in mathematics.

Currently, PLANETii's products are available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean and continue to grow our subscriber base around the world.

Distribution Partnership

Already have a broad student or educator base?
PLANETii is constantly seeking strategic alliances and partnerships to bring additional value to our customers.
We have created an proprietary math learning and assessment platform with a patented Adaptive Learner technology and have also formed a strong an alliance with elementary schools and child learning centers from around the world.

To broaden our services coverage and expand our product distribution network globally, we invite companies from around the world to help expand our distribution network.

If you or your company has a complimenting product or service, please contact us to discuss your ideas for partnership.

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  For more information, contact us at info@planetii.com or visit our contact page.
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