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Pictorial information is remembered much more easily than text. Animation (motion) can lead to positive learning effects if it is a critical attribute of the concept(s) being presented.

In PLANETii, we use animation to show continuity in transitions, and to indicate dimensionality in transitions. By multiplexing the display and enriching graphical representations, we using well thought-out moving graphics to better represent abstract math concepts and to help the young learner focus.

See our ability to illustrate math concepts with child-endorsed animation and funfilled interactive web-based activities.
Counting Duck (Number)
Animal Pictogram (Data handling)
Mouses Cheese (Shape and Space)
Animal Scale (Measure)
to engage

While practice makes perfect in mathematics, it does not have to be boring. PLANETii prides itself on creating an online learning environment where children WANT to learn.

During the early stages of math development, it is more important for parents to foster their children's interest and curiosity in mathematics than to force memorization of math facts or procedures. The repercussion of such force will be a growing resistance towards mathematics which will make it even harder for the child to succeed in the long run.

PLANETii has carefully designed a motivational system with a heavy emphasis on intrinsic factors within the children's online environment. A student who is INTRINSICALLY motivated undertakes an activity "for its own sake, for the enjoyment it provides, the learning it permits, or the feelings of accomplishment it evokes." (Mark Lepper, Professor of Developmental Psychology at Stanford University, 1988)

With children's limited attention span, we aim to help children get the most benefit out of the time they spend doing mathematics on PLANETii through our interactive, fun and fulfilling experience.

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