Get the benefits of a structured and cross-disciplinary curriculum delivered in our web solutions. Developed by math educators and experts, our curriculum integrates the best of both Eastern and Western approaches. It not only prepares your child for school, but also for the world outside the classroom.
a networked curriclum

The development of our networked curriculum begins with a careful analysis of the foundational knowledge required for each topic. In scrutinizing each topic's material, we are able to identify its pre-requisite topics the building blocks a child must complete before approaching this topic.

For example, before a child learns basic multiplication, he or she needs to have a good foundation in numbers and addition. These will help him or her grasp the underlying concept of multiplication, which is grouping objects together. Then, after a student gains proficiency in basic multiplication, it becomes a foundation block for other topics that require understanding of basic multiplication, such as division (where groups are broken down) and block graphs (where groups of numbers are represented pictorially).

curriculum and learning objectives
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