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Britannica SmartMath Product Launch [26-Jan-2009]


PLANETii partners with Encyclopadia Britannica to launch Britannica SmartMath; a curriculum based online mathematics program for K-9 schools in January 2009. The Britannica SmartMath program is powered by PLANETii's patented formative assessment technology and utilizes 35,000 practice questions to form a closely intertwined math curriculum that individualizes student learning.

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Britannica SmartMath finalist for 2009 CODiE Award [16-Feb-2009]


PLANETii was shortlisted as The CODiE Awards 2009 finalist by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) under the category of Best Mathematics Instructional Solution. Originally called the Excellence in Software Awards, were established in 1986 by SIIA to showcase the education software industry's finest products and to honor industry pioneers and excellence in corporate achievement.

Launching MathWorld 2.0 Korean Version in Seoul


PLANETii proudly launched its Korean Version of MathWorld 2.0 in Seoul, Korea in July 2006. We are delighted to have won the support from one of the top-tier Korean private schools, Lila Elementary School in Seoul. Lila Elementary School will be our first Korean partner school to be integrating PLANETii's math platform into its school-wide mathematics teaching and training. To ensure a smooth adaptation, our product specialists have flown to Seoul to conduct on-campus starter workshops at Lila for their teaching staffs. Our bilingual mathematics learning platform and our math curriculum combine the best of Eastern and Western methodologies which makes PLANETii the #1 choice for quality-conscious educators.

G.T. ( Ellen Yeung ) College - Pizza Hut Fun Kids Tour


In PLANETii's "Online Math Competition 2006, G.T. ( Ellen Yeung ) College has won the school championship, and the winning students were awarded a class trip to Pizza Hut Fun Kids Tour for their victory. Where they had the chance to participate in the Pizza Hut workshop and experience DIY pizza. The fun and memorable event concluded with an award presentation for all the participants.

Creative Primary School Math Day


PLANETii shares Creative Primary School's vision to help children build confidence and love for math while maintaining a strong emphasis on learning experience and fun.

PLANETii has been invited to its Math Day, where students were challenged by our unique online math problem solving quiz. PLANETii is confident that this innovative math training methodology can truly enhance the learning experience and the effectiveness of their math education, which is evidenced by the overwhelming responses and the outstanding results of their primary students at all grade levels.

In PLANETii's Online Math Competition 2006, Creative Primary School has won the second runner-up school award and three of their students won individual awards.

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PLANETii Online Math Competition 2006


Together with WhizKids Express Weekly and supported by TOYS"R"US, PLANETii has organized the Online Math Competition 2006 for all primary school students in Hong Kong. Young students have shown their talents on PLANETii's MathWorld and have landed on the Leaderboard, showing their exceptional results.

The final round of school competition results was announced in WHIZ-KIDS EXPRESS DAILY volume 577 (21/4/2006) and 578 (28/4/2006).

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Gigamind English Primary School's Parents Day [20-Jan-2006]


PLANETii was invited to Gigamind English Primary School on its Parents Day 2006. Parents came to understand PLANETii's latest product, MathWorld2.0. and students enjoyed their online math learning experience at PLANETii. We were glad to see the enthusiasm that the children showed while using our program. No matter how tight their schedules were, the kids kept coming on back for more.

Hong Kong Pre-school has begun to offer an advanced math tutoring group for their K3 Students [15-Oct-2005]


Hong Kong Pre-school has begun to offer an advanced math tutoring group for their K3 kids by featuring PLANETii's online math system and animated visual aids as the main teaching medium. Kids have adapted quickly to this new math learning methods and are pushing for more.

Child & BB Expo [06-Aug-2005]


PLANETii leads the math education industry with its innovative and distinctive approach, which was evidenced by the overwhelming responses from the 20,000 young families in our debut at the Child & Baby EXPO 2005 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 90% of the kids aged 6 to 12 took part in our MQ Challenge and went home after a joyful experience of online math learning.

PLANETii's founder was invited to give a speech during the event to parents who are serious about improving their kids' math skills and adaptability through this innovative online math learning methodology.

The Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division's FIRST Open Day [30-Jan-2005]


The Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division's FIRST Open Day was held on Jan 30, 2005. We have taken an active role in promoting online math learning to their guests and visitors. While parents were showing a strong interest in PLANETii's innovative approach, kids spontaneously teamed up to try out our math challenge and compete with each other. It was a fun and fruitful day for all the families and our instructors.

Get Expert Insights in Innovative Math Learning At Our Annual Parent Seminar [Dec-2004]


Invited by the Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division, PLANETii was glad to share our expert insights in innovative math learning at our annual Parent Seminar. The seminar attracted over 300 parents in both the morning and afternoon sessions. The interactive discussions allow us to better understand parents' and teachers' needs and gave us opportunities to show them how to make learning math a more joyful experience for both students and parents.

Company Milestones
Founded by Lewis Cheng and Bella Kong
Opened Research & Development office in New York, USA
"Personalized Adaptive Math Learning System" concept prototype developed
Beta version of "Smart Practice" developed
Raised capital investment of $5 million USD
Opened Development and Marketing office in Hong Kong
Pilot test with schools in the United States and Hong Kong
Research & Development office relocated to Silicon Valley, USA
Filed conventional patent applications for "Adaptive Engine Logic in Training Academic Proficiency " and "Advanced Versatile Layout and System" in USA and Asian countries
Official Launch of MathWorld v1.0 in HK
Official Launch of School-Based Math Platform v1.0 in HK
Filed conventional patent application for six other countries including
Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong
Released MathWorld v2.0
Released School-Based Math Platform v2.0
Exhibited at Child & Baby Expo in Hong Kong Convention Center
Held 1st Annual Hong Kong School-Wide Online Mathematics Competition
Launched and pilot tested MathWorld v2.0 Korean version with a top-tier local elementary school, Lila Elementary School, in Seoul
Hong Kong's partnering schools rose to 82
Opening a computerized math learning center in Guangzhou, China.
Patent granted for "Adaptive Engine Logic in Training Academic Proficiency " and "Advanced Versatile Layout and System"
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