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PLANETii offers math teachers a simple and intuitive suite of teaching tools. It allows teachers to utilize PLANETii's growing question bank and visual aids to better achieve their teaching objectives in scarce class time.

The "School Module" for math teachers encompasses:

Easy Test Creator – a question bank organized by topic allows teachers to easily compile tests using a mix of topics at specified difficulty levels
Online Test Platform – allows teacher to administrate class tests and obtain real-time results in a few simple clicks
Performance Data Analysis – analyze the collective results to effectively pinpoint the math topics and underlying concepts critical for each student's improvement

Individual student receives UNIQUE math instruction along a personalized learning path in PLANETii. We also provide:

Progress Check – teachers can assign homework and track class and individual progress anytime from the internet
iiIntelligence™ – systematically guide students to complete the math syllabus base on one's individual competency and learning pace
Study Guides and iiManipulatives – help students to explore and understand difficult math concepts

For more detail:
Please contact our school representative Ms. Cheung.
Tel: 3583 8800

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