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PLANETii's Curriculum ensures your child will get cross-disciplinary learning to understand how numbers, measures, shapes, and data all relate to one another.

Each student takes a Placement Test (coming soon) to find a comfortable starting point. No more endless review or work for which the student is not prepared!

PLANETii's proprietary intelligent engine chooses questions and topics solely based on YOUR child's performance. At PLANETii, your child truly learns at his or her own pace.

The PLANETii Math World doesn't stop at mere number crunching. It includes a wealth of critical thinking and higher level questions, set in real-life contexts. Some of our questions are just plain tough — success with PLANETii means achieving a higher standard of excellence.

PLANETii's expert design team has created a truly engaging experience. Fun characters, animated visual aids, and interactive questions keep your child focused and excited!

The basis for PLANETii's products is a "super curriculum" that combines the best of curricula from the United States and Asia. Our curriculum prepares students not only for school, but for the world outside the classroom.

By providing you with an immediate and detailed analysis of your child's progress PLANETii makes, have you ever wondered if your child's school is challenging him or her enough? PLANETii's WorldWide Compare feature shows you how your child's progress compares to that of his or her peers across the country and around the world.

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