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A group of children, parents and teachers in the United States and Hong Kong were able to use PLANETii prior to Official Launch. They haven't stopped sending us comments about our products.

My child absolutely loves using PLANETii!! As his teacher... it has never been so easy to teach him math! It's great to put in so little effort on my end... and to have such terrific results in such a short amount of time...
Linda, Homeschooling Parent
The PLANETii interface is gorgeous... it's great to see my son work with grade-level work pretty confidently. I wish his whole math curriculum could be furnished through PLANETii...
Anita, Parent
Magic! Two days ago, the kids can access the site and are repeatedly asking me to let them try...
Eric, Parent
張太和他的孩子使用 PLANETii 網上學習系統已有一年,她表示該系統非常方便,很多獨到之處,比其他傳統補習方法優勝。「我認為學習數學最重要是明白箇中原理,PLANETii 的數學題在文字語言應用和表達方式都着意從多角度啟發學生思考,以幽默的動畫和豐富的實例解釋抽象的數學概念,誘發孩子的學習動力。」孩子學習之餘,忙碌的家長能透過 PLANETii 隨時了解他們的進度。「我在教導孩子數學時,就好像與他一起遊玩,有助加強彼此之間的溝通,促進了親子關係。」
明報, 2005–4–12
蔡詠鈿 - 香港理工大學應用社會科學系講師
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