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Dear Parents,

What you see here at PLANETii is the culmination of a focused passion of two young visionaries, many years of hard work, and the continued brilliance of a team who care just as much about a child's math education as we both do. We were all once children not so long ago, and we remembered how we learned our math. Some of us loved it. The better we were at it, the more we loved it. Others had a difficult time with math, and experienced a downward spiral of confidence in their own perceived 'ability' to do math.

Like a tower, ability is built, and it starts from building a strong foundation. We believe that all children can be proficient in mathematics, as long as we know how to inspire them, encourage them, and help them increase confidence in their 'ability'. We designed PLANETii to be gentle to those students who need extra help, and utterly powerful to those students as a partner in their journey of growth in math knowledge and proficiency.

We at PLANETii love math, and we want to show the students how beautiful the world is, through math. It is everywhere: in the Fibonacci series of the leaves in a tree, in the rhythms of a Japanese haiku poem, and in the building blocks of human life. It is not dry! It is not merely a skill or a tool, but is a method of thinking and problem solving in general. The process of learning math can be an intellectually rewarding subject that is also a crucial piece of the puzzle to other academic disciplines in higher learning.

Throughout the years, many parents with whom we have talked share our vision, and the children who tell us how much they love PLANETii are our continued encouragement, which fuels our drive to develop even better versions of the program. With the release of our Version 2.0, we hope that it will become our own foundational launch pad to many better releases in the future.


Bella Kong
Lewis Cheng
Co-founders of PLANETii

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