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"We recognize that children nowadays have little time for everything."
"We recognize the importance of a strong mathematics foundation for tomorrow's success."
"PLANETii revolutionizes the previously mundane ways to build mathematics competency."

ii-Mathodology represents PLANETii's methodology in mathematics

PLANETii revolutionizes children's learning experience through our innovative integration of design, technology and content. Our niche specialty is mathematics.

ii-Mathodology provides children with the most efficient and self-motivating ways to practice and build a solid foundation in mathematics. It is a unique methodology that addresses the inherent constraints of traditional education resources such as workbooks, CD-ROMS or tutors. Behind PLANETii's internet-based mathematics system lies a complex and sophisticated algorithm that is patent-pending in numerous countries around the world.

The age or the location of the child does not matter in this form of math training system. Your child can be 7 years old in Primary 2 and doing topics in the Primary 4 syllabus as long as he or she has the foundation.
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